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Bulgaria Food and Drink

Bulgaria borders both Turkey and Greece to the South and there is no doubt that these countries and the Middle East have influenced local dishes. Eating out in Bulgaria is a delight and menus are still very reasonably priced. Menus in less touristy areas may be difficult to interpret especially if written in the Cyrillic alphabet - it is probably a good idea to have a guide book with you containing handy translations of popular dishes. Menus in the Black Sea resorts and other tourist destinations will often be in English and choices will be influenced by the West. offers Black Sea holiday rental and villa rentals. You can rent a private villa in Sunny Beach directly from your local home owner. You will also find international and continental cuisine in the hotels of the larger resorts but prices will be higher. Chinese and Italian restaurants can be found but do try some local dishes during your stay! Bulgaria has a long tradition of farming the land and much of the food on offer will be simple, locally sourced, fresh and often organic.
Banitsa, warm pastries filled with cheese or spinach are popular for breakfast along with kifla, a sweet croissant accompanied by a strong coffee. Herbal (bilkov) and fruit (plodov) teas are drunk more often than our favourite, black tea (cheren chayi). brings together a great collection of Bulgaria holiday accommodation, Bulgaria holiday apartments, Bulgaria holiday villas and cottages. is unique in providing Bulgaria holiday lettings because we are the only site that allows you to find someone local to you who may have advertised their Bulgaria home.
For lunch or dinner starter dishes include tarator, a cold yogurt soup with cucumber and walnuts, sarmi, stuffed vine or cabbage leaves or stuffed peppers. In summer you will find a good choice of salads on the menu such as shopska salata with cucumber, tomatoes, onion with grated cheese or ovcharska a salad with grated egg and mushrooms. To accompany your salad there are plenty of tender grilled meats such as chicken, pork and veal and look out for the tasty kebabche or kyufte made from minced pork, veal or beef with added spices. Soups and stews are also popular such as bob chorba, a hearty bean soup or topcheta supa with meatballs and kavarma the national dish which is cooked slowly in a clay pot and consists of pork, liver peppers, tomatoes and paprika. Gyuvech is a delicious lamb stew and you will also find musaka but no aubergine in this version! Yoghurt and local bread khylap are served with most meals. Fish is popular along the Black Sea Coast – plakiya is a lovely rich fish stew made with the catch of the day.
Sweet dishes include the more familiar fresh fruits, crème caramel or local options such as garish torta, a chocolate cake and baklava which are sweet pastries. You will also find a good choice of ice cream on the dessert menu.
As for drinks, there are plenty of locally bottled spring waters and fresh fruit juices available. Local non-alcoholic drinks include boza, a sweet concoction made from roasted flour or ayrian, a refreshing mix of yoghurt and water. Local beers include the flavoursome Zagorka, Pleven, Shumenko and Kamenitza. Local wines are plentiful and very good value with at least 50 long established wineries across the country. The red wine is very good quality, look out for full-bodied reds made with the local Melnik and Mavrud grapes. For something stronger try the local rakiya fruit brandies. Na Zdrave – cheers!
When ordering the bill “smetka, molya?” please remember most restaurants take cash only and if you have been happy with your meal and the service which is more than likely, tipping is appreciated at 10 per cent. Don't forget, a holiday in the Bansko or Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, staying in self catering accommodation makes an ideal family break.

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