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Cyprus Attractions

Most visitors will be attracted to Cyprus by its Mediterranean climate, lovely beach resorts and warm waters but for those of you looking for a day out there is plenty to do and see on the island.
If you are staying in the South why not head to the pretty village of Léfkarain the mountains famous for its lace making tradition. There is a small museum of lace-making and embroidery and a maze of narrow streets to explore. Bellapaïs on the northern side of the Pentadaktylos Mountains in the North is definitely one of the most beautiful villages in the whole of Cyprus. Here you will find the well preserved remains of a Gothic abbey with fabulous views down over the citrus groves towards the sapphire blue sea.
Cyprus has many Greek Orthodox monasteries to visit such as the beautiful and secluded Machairas Monastery in Central Cyprus or Kýkkos Monastery in the Troódos Mountains with its famous 12th Century icon, fascinating museum and highly decorated Royal Doors in the church. There are also many small Byzantine churches to visit in the Troódos area, ten of which have been declared UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites on account of their magnificent frescoes.
Children will love the Wet’n Wild Waterpark at Lemesós with its water slides and artificial waves. There are several aquariums; the one in Páfos is dedicated to Mediterranean sea life. Páfos harbour and castle are well worth a visit with great views from the castle walls of the colourful fishing boats and cafes below. Other harbours worth visiting are Latsi in the west teeming with fishermen and good seafood restaurants and the lovely Kerýneía in the North with its expensive yachts and imposing medieval castle housing the Shipwreck Museum. Other notable castles in the North are Bufavento, Kantára and St Hilarion.
Kolossi in Southern Cyprus is probably the islands best-preserved medieval castle once used by the Knights of Jerusalem. The three-storey square structure with its drawbridge resembles a fortified tower house while the flat roof surrounded by battlements provides excellent views of the surrounding area of fertile land which helped make the Knights so wealthy.
For something different why not visit the Salt Lake near Lárnaka and impressive Muslim sanctuary of Hala Sultan Tekke on the shores surrounded by olive, cypress and palm trees. It comprises of a mosque built in 1816 and a mausoleum with the tomb of Umm Haram, paternal aunt of the Prophet Mohammed and hence one of the most important holy sites for Muslims.
Finally car enthusiasts will enjoy the annual 3 day Cyprus International Rally in May which begins and ends in Lemesós whilst wine lovers will enjoy sampling the islands white wines such as the sweet Commanderia at the Wineries in Lemesós. Yiamas! (Cheers!)